The Merchandising Brotherhood Association of Bangladesh (MBABD) has recently distributed winter clothes among poor people on 31 December.

It is a non-political and non-profitable organization, works for the welfare of MBABD merchandisers.

“Winter Clothing Distribution-2021” by Merchandising Brotherhood Association of Bangladesh
Figure: On 31 December, they distributed winter clothes from 08:00 am in Mirpur Kalshi, Tongi, and lastly at Kamalapur railway station.

To play a major role in the economy of Bangladesh, MBAB deals with social activities including job references, free freshers’ training of merchandisers, buyer and supplier sourcing, daily merchandising problem finding, and solutions.

In that continuity to fulfill the sense of social responsibility, they campaigned ‘Winter Clothing Distribution-2021’where the winter clothes were distributed among the helpless and poor people.

They distributed winter clothes at Kalshi, Mirpur; Tongi, and lastly at Kamalapur railway station.

Founder of MBABD Nizam Uddin Dipu, Founder Member of MBABD & Convener of Winter Clothing Distribution-2021 Committee;  Faiez Rahman; Joint Convener Anisur Rahman; MBABD Member Zahid Hasan (Arko); Noor Alam Biplob; Mehedi Hasan; Ridhoy;  Sohail Rana and other merchandisers were the overall supervisors of the entire program.

About the winter program, Nizam Uddin Dipu, said, “At the same time, we are trying to help these people out of social responsibility so that they can overcome the hardships of winter.”

Also, he thanked all those people who were involved with them, especially those who have worked there, donated, and stood by these helpless people. “In fact, without your help and cooperation, we could not have made this event a success in such a beautiful way. I hope you will be by our side in the future”, he added.

Thanking everyone, Faiez Rahman, appreciated who donated winter clothes through their factory and buying house/trade house in their Merchandising Brotherhood Association of Bangladesh (MBABD) Winter Clothing Distribution 2021.

Besides these social activities, they provide merchandising training to freshly graduated boys and girls and try to help the jobless merchandiser brothers get a job and get rid of the sting of unemployed life.

Anisur Rahman said, “I also try to be by the side of the merchandiser brothers of Bangladesh with happiness and sorrow.”

On the other side, they want to go ahead by maintaining their unity to help poor and helpless people, and also, they want to work for the development of their Merchandisers.

He wished all for the English New year 2022 and the overall success of the Merchandising Brotherhood Association of Bangladesh and urged the Merchandiser brothers to stay with them and say goodbye.